Topic: Building Distributed Applications with NET
- Special Event on Architecture

Date: Wednesday, August 07, 2002
Time: 6:30 pm for pizza, first speaker at 7:00 pm
Location: Building 40 (Steptoe Room), Microsoft Redmond Campus, WA
Directions: http://www.dotnetusers.org

Speakers: Steve Kirk and Priya Dhawan
Priya Dhawan and Steve Kirk of the MSDN Architectural Samples Team of
Microsoft Corporation will give a special presentation on building
distributed applications with .NET.

The talk covers application architecture and design for .NET including:
- Architectural lessons learned from building N-tier applications using
Microsoft Windows DNA
- How these lessons apply in building applications with the Microsoft .NET
- Architectural advice for applications that use XML Web services
- Performance implications of design choices in common business application

Suggested Readings:

MSDN Building Distributed Applications with .NET

Application Design Guidelines: From N-Tier to .NET

Performance Comparison: Data Access Techniques

Performance Comparison: Exposing Existing Code as a Web Service

Performance Comparison: Transaction Control

Regional .NET Events

Tuesday, October 08, 2002
MEC 2002- Microsoft Infrastructure Conference
Be among the first 1000 to register and receive the full MEC Conference DVD-
a $695 value- FREE! Register for MEC before August 12 and save $300. Don't
miss this mission critical Microsoft infrastructure conference featuring
more than 200 breakout sessions. Learn how to fully optimize your Microsoft
Windows and Exchange deployments while you plan for the future.

Thursday, September 12, 2002
Jeffery Richter - Deploying, and Administering Assemblies
Olympia Center / 222 Columbia NW / 7:00 to 9:00 South Sound Dot Net Users
invites DotNetUsers, tell a friend, free of charge. Jeffrey Richter is a
cofounder of Wintellect, a training, debugging, and consulting firm
dedicated to helping companies build better software, faster. He is the
author of Applied Microsoft NET Framework Programming (Microsoft Press,
2002) and several Windows programming books. Jeffrey is also a contributing
editor to MSDNŽ Magazine, for which he authors the .NET column. He has been
consulting with Microsoft's .NET Framework team since October 1999.
Abstract: This talk explains how compilers produce metadata and how this
metadata is used by the CLR to resolve type references. In this talk, we'll
walk through the process of building an assembly and discuss how the CLR
locates dependant assemblies avoiding the need for the registry. Then, we'll
discuss how to create and deploy shared assemblies containing shared
components. Finally, we'll discuss how to version these assemblies without
adversely affecting the application's behavior making "DLL ****" a thing of
the past. See www.ssdotnet.org for details.

Thursday, August 08, 2002
Paul Sheriff - Architecting a Flexible Web Application
Olympia Center / August 8 / 7:00 to 9:00 South Sound Dot Net Users invites
DotNetUsers, tell a friend, free of charge. Paul D. Sheriff is the President
of PDSA, Inc. (www.pdsa.com), a Microsoft Managed Partner in Southern
California. Paul is the MSDN Regional Director for Southern California, and
has three books on .NET. "ASP.NET Developer's Jumpstart" from Addison-Wesley
co-written with Ken Getz. His other two books are eBooks and can be
purchased at the PDSA web site at www.pdsa.com. Contact Paul directly at
PSheriff@pdsa.com. This session will cover how to create an ASP.NET
application that gives you the best in flexibility and features. You will
learn the best uses of the Web.Config File, Creating a Base Page Class and
creating a Data Driven Menu System among other topics such as:
-Effective use of User Controls
-Frameless web pages
-Using User Controls
-Creating a data driven menu system
-Creating a Base Page Class
-User Tracking
-Centralized Error Handling
This will be a very interactive session and Paul will build an application
from scratch right in front of your eyes! See www.ssdotnet.org for details.

Carl Prothman