I am a SE for a certified partner of a company called KVS which produces
software that automatically archives mail from Microsoft Exchange. The software
is called Enterprise Vault (http://www.kvsinc.com). As an Exchange Administrator
myself, I just wanted to share the benefits of KVS Enterprise Vault:

- Eliminate the worry about email quotas in Microsoft Exchange

- Reduce Exchange Information Store dramatically

- Retain ALL email for legal purposes for years (or forever)!

- Reduced cost for storage

- Automatically archive email based on specified criteria (age, quote,
or size)

- Extensive archive searching (including attachments!) and restore via
Alta Vista search engine - built in

- Eliminate the PST management hassle - in fact, eliminate the use
of PST's altogether!!!

- Enterprise journaling of ALL mail in organization

- No end-user training or intervention necessary - the user doesn't
even know that their mail has been archived to a new location!

- Robust, enterprise solution that REALLY WORKS!

- Help with migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000

- and MORE!!!

The information contained within Microsoft Exchange systems is a major part
of a organizationís intellectual property, and Enterprise Vault enables more
efficient and effective use of this asset by managing the archiving, retention,
and retrieval of documents and electronic mail. The return on investment
on this product is huge!

I would be happy to talk to you further about this solution and assist you
with your information management needs. I'd also be happy to provide you
with references very satisfied enterprise clients.

Email me for more info: tim@groupwaretechnology.com