QuickAdmin v2.0 has just been released. This ASP.NET control addresses a common
requirement: you need back-end admin pages, but you don't want to spend a
lot of time writing them.

QuickAdmin enables you to build incredibly slick admin pages for web site
back-ends, without writing any code. Integrating with VS.NET, QuickAdmin
uses drag-and-drop, wizards and property builders to make the whole process
a snap. You can build admin interfaces in minutes, and so have more time
to spend on the rest of your site.

QuickAdmin eliminates the tedious process of building admin pages from scratch
using datagrids, hand-coding all the SQL queries and operation logic.

QuickAdmin can also be used without VS.NET, by simply using QuickAdmin tags
in you ASPX files. Scalable, secure and fast, QuickAdmin is written in 100%
managed C#.

Visit <a href="http://www.quickadmin.net/home.asax?campaignk=13>www.quickadmin.net</a>
for a free evaluation version, or to view demos of QuickAdmin in use.