Alintex Script Host Beta 1 (0.97) is now available for download from

Free for both private and commercial use, Alintex Script Host lets you run
scripts written in three Microsoft .NET Framework languages - VB, C# and
JScript. One can take full advantage of the power of the .NET Framework
Class Library (FCL) to produce lightweight, yet powerful applications and

Amongst other features, it allows you to mix and match all three supported
..NET languages in the same script, yet optionally produce a single XML based
Portable Script file for easy distribution.

A product "quick tour" is available on the Alintex website.

Product features:-

- supports VB, C# and JScript languages
- support for multi-file scripts
- supports mixed language scripts
- automatic script caching and referencing ensures minimal compilation
- command line arguments in all languages
- introduces Portable Script file format for distribution of scripts and
settings (XML)
- provision for script author information and authentication by digital
- modular architecture allows the easy inclusion of additional languages
- built in diagnostic support
- console and non-console versions
- FREE for personal and commercial use

Alintex Corporation