New version supports leading Microsoft Visual Studio .NET languages and database
management systems for rapidly building enterprise applications

Chicago, IL. – February 11, 2003 – ARTech today announced the release of
DeKlarit 2.0 which supports Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 final beta.

DeKlarit enables the incremental development of the business logic and the
data access layers of n-tier applications. Version 2.0 integrates with Microsoft
Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio .NET 2003 final beta, generates Visual
Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET code, and supports Microsoft SQL Server and
Oracle. In addition, the new version incorporates many new features that
facilitate the development of the UI layer.

DeKlarit 2.0 enables business organizations to design, develop and maintain
business-critical database applications in record time and with lower total
cost of ownership. These organizations can now choose their preferred Microsoft
.NET language and RDBMS to do so. DeKlarit 2.0 supports versions 1.0 and
1.1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Software development teams and organizations building applications have an
urgent need for an agile methodology to be able to adapt their applications
as requirements change such as the need to develop n-tier architecture applications
and an efficient way to map their objects to relational databases, maintaining
a consistent data model. DeKlarit 2.0 addresses all these challenges, enabling
the incremental development of the data and business logic layers of n-tier
applications. The tool takes care of all the object-relational mapping activities
and generates the required ADO.NET objects.

DeKlarit provides a simple way to design database applications using plain
business knowledge. Based on that, DeKlarit automatically creates and maintains
a normalized schema as well as generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets
and DataAdapters. When the application requirements change, DeKlarit creates
a new database schema, migrates the data from the old schema to the new one,
and regenerates the required DataSets and DataAdapters.

“Using DeKlarit you don't need to go through multiple, time consuming, data
design and abstraction processes; you just describe your data requirements
and business rules and DeKlarit builds a normalized data model and business
logic for you” says Andres Aguiar, Program Manager for DeKlarit.

“We have found that our customers are confronted with the following all too
frequent scenario: They decide or are requested to develop a complex application
that will take advantage of the Framework powerful features; they have no
or limited practical experience developing in ADO.NET; and the project schedules
are tight, as usual!” says Flavio Caiafa, Product Manager for DeKlarit. “When
this happens, they seek a tool to accelerate their development process without
impairing the quality of their final product. DeKlarit enables them to address
these challenges from within the Visual Studio .NET IDE.”

“Visual Studio developers will enjoy many of the key enhancements in DeKlarit
2.0, most notably the expanded language support,” said David Lazar, director
for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. “Developers
using DeKlarit 2.0 can now build database management systems rapidly in the
language they prefer.”

The previous versions of DeKlarit generated Microsoft Visual C# .NET code
and supported Microsoft SQL Server only. DeKlarit 2.0 provides freedom of
choice regarding the language (Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#
.NET), and the RDBMS used (SQL Server and Oracle). But that’s not all. Version
2.0 introduces a series of new features and overall improvements that facilitate
and enhance the developer experience:

· New Microsoft ASP.NET Components and Windows Forms component generators
· Improved ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Web services wrapper generators
· Support for GUID types, unique and clustered indexes, and enumerated types
· Conditional Filters and orders for DataProviders
· And many new features to enhance usability

For more information on DeKlarit and a 30-day free trial version visit