Garbage Collection in the CLR and .NET Framework with Brent Rector

Come join your fellow Los Angeles area .NET developers at the city's best
and fastest-growing forum for learning professional .NET development skills.
This month the Los Angeles .NET Developers Group presents veteran software
developer and author Brent Rector.
Brent Rector will give us the rundown on garbage collection in .NET. The
Common Language Runtime manages most objects on a garbage-collected heap.
The garbage collector ensures that the memory allocated for an object is
reclaimed when it is no longer in use. Managed applications no longer have
bugs such as referencing freed memory or failing to free memory. In this
session, Brent discusses how the garbage collector works, and what
additional features it provides your application. In particular, Brent will
discuss finalizers, resurrection, weak references, and other techniques to
increase performance.
Date Time Location
Apr 7 6:30pm - 9:30pm Royce Hall, Room 190, UCLA Campus, Los

Admission: $5 (includes pizza and soft drinks)
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