We are pleased to announce that DeKlarit 2.1 is now available for download
from our website. Download it from www.deklarit.com/trial

This new version supports Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Framework
1.1 final versions and incorporates several new features:

- Additional properties in attributes to ease dealing with required attributes
in ASP.NET and Windows Forms generators
- Support for validating fields using Regular Expressions.
- Support for generating different projects for DataSets and DataAdapters

- Support for CSS skins in the ASP.NET generator
- Several improvements in IDE usability and performance
- Several bug fixes and minor enhancements

For a complete list of enhancements refer to the What's New section in the
DeKlarit Help file.
The DeKlarit Help for Visual Studio .NET 2003 is distributed in a separate
.msi file. Download it from http://www.deklarit.com/downloads/2....21Help2003.msi