HRRNET is pleased to announce the release of its DataObjects suite,

The HRR DataObjects suite comprises of three components; The HRR DataGrid,
the HRR DatabaseEditor and the HRR HtmlEditor. Each of these components can
be used on its own or in association with the other components. Together,
they provide a very powerful way to present and modify database data on the

The HRR DataGrid is a DataGrid which can present XML or database data in a
spreadsheet format. Any of the existing ADO.NET providers can be used. These
include Odbc, Sql and OleDb. This DataGrid automatically generates sorting
and search capabilities.

HRR DatabaseEditor
The HRR DatabaseEditor provides the record insertion and modification
capabilities. The component can be hooked onto a DataGrid or a DataLister
(the HRR DataGrid or to a ASP.NET DataGrid) to provide both insertion and
updating of data in a consistent manner. There is almost no code to write as
code generation is automatic and based on a number of property settings,
specified by the user in an XML file. You can specify drop-down columns,
read-only columns, required columns, descriptive column captions, default
column values, email notifications and a host of other things. The drop-down
list boxes created by the component can be populated from any database
table. When the user is done with changing the data, this component will
post back to the database by calling a stored procedure, a delegated ASP.NET
method, or in the case of single table inserts/updates, automatically build
the SQL command.

HRR HtmlEditor

The HRR HtmlEditor allows you to turn any ASP.NET (multi line) Text Box into
an on-line WYSIWYG Html Editor. You do not need to change a single line of
your existing code to use our editor. Any ASP.NET multi-line Textbox can be
turned into a full featured online content management editor. The HtmlEditor
works like an ASP.NET validation control. You simply "attach" it to an
ASP.NET Text Box like any other validation control.

Please download fully a fully functional evaluation version of our product
from our web site. The download includes a detailed white paper and
comprehensive ASP.NET and IbuySpy samples built using our suite.
Web site address :