Active Up is pleased to announce the release of ActiveMail v1.5. The upgrade
is free for existing customers!

Download now your copy:

Active Mail v1.5

- Added : Integrated bounced email detection: Detects if an email is a delivery
failure (bounced email). Custom signatures can be defined in an xml file.
- Added : More robust handling of character encoding.
- Added : Parsing and sending messages with language specific character encoding
is now more powerful.
- Added : Quoted-Printable Encoding/Decoding totally rewritten.
- Added : The new ConfirmRead property when set to ‘true’ will let Outlook
compatible clients send you a notification when you email is opened (not
to be confused with ReturnReceipt that indicates when your email has been
- Added : Codec.EncodeHeader encodes a header with special characters to
Base64 (=?charset?B?content?=)
- Added : StoreToFile method can now write in a temp file then rename it.
This will prevent from queuing services to process the mail before it was
completely written on the disk.
- Fixed : MimePart headers decoding.

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