We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new
SyntaxEditor syntax-highlighting editor control for .NET Windows


Actipro SyntaxEditor

SyntaxEditor is a powerful editing control, similar to a multi-line
TextBox, which syntax highlights text and provides an amazing number
of state-of-the-art features for code editing. SyntaxEditor is
modelled after the code editor in VS.NET and provides nearly all of
its functionality. Custom language definitions can be developed and
distributed with your applications.

SyntaxEditor is best designed for use in IDE (integrated development
environment) applications. It also may be creatively used in other
scenarios. For instance, you could make the editor read-only and
use it for displaying log files or status messages (like in an FTP
client) for an application. The possibilities are limitless.

Some of SyntaxEditor's major features include:
* Multiple language support
* Custom regular expression engine
* XML language definitions, with ability to save to binary files for
instant language domain reloading
* Unlimited undo/redo
* Undo/redo action grouping
* Line numbering in line number margin
* Word wrap (character and token wrapping modes)
* Indicators (bookmarks, breakpoints, misspelling markers, etc.) in
indicator margin
* Indentation guides
* Whitespace display
* Content dividers
* Block indent/outdent
* Line selection in the selection margin
* Bracket highlighting
* Any type of font is supported, including non-monospace fonts
* Triggers for handling keystroke/action combinations
* Feature-rich find/replace object model
* Customizable dialogs
* Four-way or two-way split views
* IntelliPrompt member lists
* IntelliPrompt info tips
* IntelliPrompt quick info
* WYSIWYG printing and print preview
* HTML and RTF export
* Much, much more...

SyntaxEditor comes packaged with sample projects and documentation on how

to use the control as well as complete class library documentation.

More Information

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