Core Lab company has announced today the release of new 1.80 version of
MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider, full-featured .NET data provider for
direct access to MySQL server for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
100% managed MySQLDirect .NET is an alternative of using ODBC or OLE DB
providers. Completely based on ADO.NET technology, MySQLDirect .NET data
provider can be used in the same way as the standard providers. It uses
native MySQL programming interface to access to MySQL database that
allows to create lightweight and fast applications.

MySQLDirect .NET v.1.80 supports the latest MySQL Server versions 4.1, 4.0
and all available data types. It enables you to access MySQL Embedded server.

MySQLDirect .NET provides extended monitoring capabilities with DB Monitor
supports multiple query execution, allows to fill DataSet with multiple query,
enables storing data in DataReader object. MySqlScript component to execute
scripts and connection pooling feature support were added to provider.

MySQLDirect .NET has advanced design-time editors, migration wizard from
ODBC and OLE DB .NET Data Providers and integrated MyBuilder tool for
visual building queries.

Now MySQLDirect .NET Help is integrated into Visual Studio .NET.
Support for Borland C#Builder was added to the last MySQLDirect .NET version.

MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider is licensed per a developer and registered
users can deploy run-time assemblies with executable applications without
royalty fee.
Free support is provided for registered users.

MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider v.1.80 Standard edition costs $99.

Trial version is available for free download

For more information, contact Core Lab,