When I try to run an application I haw program in VS.NET for debugging, VS.NET
are freezing and the application I haw create are not visible. But if I look
in the task manage it is running, but it are only using 48 kb RAM, whoever
how big the application is. It is so for every application I test, even if
I compile a program without any code. If I instead run it without debug or
if I run the exe file (how is not compiled for debugging), itís no problem

Another problem how are connected to the problem are that I donít can run
the administrator application for the web server.

When I ware getting this problem for the first time, I ware reinstall Win2k
from the beginning, but it doesnít solve the problem. Then I try to run E:\dotNetFramework\dotnetfx.exe
/t:%temp% /c:"msiexec.exe /fvecms %temp%\netfx.msi". It was freezing under
the process, but it is solve the problem. Then I try to install some components
to VS.NET, and then the same problems are back, and dotnetfx.exe are not
solve the problem this time..

Iím sorry for the bad English, but please help me!!!!