Hey there everyone,

I am a 3rd year computer programming student who at present has just finished
doing a fully working project as a college assignment, in ASP.NET using VB.NET.
The project is a Student Results Database System which is to be implemented
onto/into the college intranet !! However, in relation to this particular
project, I also have to write a 30 page Desertation(like a Thesis only alot
shorter) and I need so help in a variety of research areas ! These areas
that I really need help in requiring precise information are as follows :

1) Why is it better in terms of internet page application design and implementation
to use ASP.NET over Sun's Java or traditional ASP

2) In relation to Java V's ASP.Net, what advantages does ASP.Net have in
relation to the use of Memory Caching Capabilities by ASP.Net, over Java/ASP

3) In relation to ASP.Net, what advantages has ASP.NET have when using File
systems over Java/ASP

4) Also, what advantages does ASP.NET have over Java or traditional ASP in
relation to Securing Web Applications using Authentication, Authorization,
Impersonation and Dealing with secured Users ect..

So if there is anyone out there who can really help me to answer any or better
still all of the above memtioned questions, then I would really appreciate
the help and be forever greatful !!

Thank you !! )


Tricia !!

P.S In the college that I go to, ASP.NET is not a thought programming language
on our course, so I've only been teaching myself ASP.NET for the past 6 months
!! So really I'm only a beginner at programming in ASP.NET )