hi all we gonna start a open source project and need some skilled developers...please
read trough the concept and if you find it sounds intersting for you contact
me under digi@bluewin.ch



CETE p2p Project

Concept by Patrick Lauber Version 2.0
#Main Idea#

a hard to destroy and customizabel P2P Network that is community based. Community
Members run the infrastructur needed.


Everyone can run a Service. For Services i mean:

*Community Services*

- User Account Server
- File Index Server
- File Sharing
- File Cache
- Forum Server
- Chat Server
- Messenger Server
- Community News Server
- Link Collection
- Search
- Annonymizer
- Relay Station
- Bank Server
- Poll Server
- Calendar
- To do List
- Contact Managment
- Server Tracker
- Community link
- ...

-All the community Servers are on a Database(=DB) basis so it could be very
good if all Services would be very very customaizebel...that there is a
and User Interface....something like HTML for the Interface and everywhere
the same small DB's....maybe a simple Service development Tool could be
usefull...so the client only need to interpret the Interface-description
file to access the DB and the Service. It also could be usefull if every

community can create their own interface by drag and drop just mixing the

available services together...also the services need to interact between
other ...but this is a point i leave to the prgrammer...its a very important

issue and it hink we need here a concept for its own.

-Every Server has got a List of all other Service-Server and will give them
out to the users so also every user has got a Service-Server List. The
servers track each other so if there are changes the server list get
updated. Also if a user connect to a service it gets automaticly a list
update. The server from a service top of the list is always the root server
of a Service. If traffic gets to strong he rewrite him self to the buttom
so an other server gets more traffic which maybe has a bigger connection
less to do.

*Global Services*

- Community Tracker
- Global Search Engine
- Global Poll Service
- Community Link
- Global Service-File Hosts

#File Sharing Ideas#

*File Index Servers*

File Index Server Owners creat a Folder strucutur where all the users fill
their files. If there are more than 1 File Index Server the others gets
mirrors or handel other Sub Folders... the Sub-Folder Servers always have

saved the way (all the folders) till to the root so if the Root-Server
(normally the 1st one) goes offline they all know where in the structure
are so when the second server gets Main Server they can easily fill in theire

folder-structure again.

*File Sharing*

Every User can share files and downloaded files are automaticly shared back
the community. If a user uploads a file he needs to fill it in the folder

strucuture delivered by the File-Index-Servers...if he has the right he also

can create folders...normally a user only can create one folder per upload.
he has the rights he can move or delete folders and also create new folders.

Every Uploaded file gets a sepperate ID file where a Rating and Informations

are saved but also a checksumm so resumes are easy to realize.

*File Cache*

Users can run a file cache so HOT files are saved there so the files can
the net faster.

*Hot File downloads*

If there is a really hot file and if its also very big like a movie the chain

technique will be activated...this normally happens if all download slots
the File-Sharing-Server are full....so the clinet who wants the file start
download it from one that is momentanyl downloading from the Sharing Server

the partial downloaded files...other are downloading from this one etc...so
chain is build...the file index servers manage this issue so the bandwidth
most best used etc...

*Cold File downloads*

If there is a cold file (not many times downloaded) and if the server where

the file is hosted havent got much to do it is also possible to download

simultan from more then one server so the bandwidth is really full on the

*Folder Channel subscribtion*

Users can subscribe to a folder and download automaticly every new file
uploaded to this or subfolders.

#The Credit System#

Communities can run a bank so Zero-Loaders dont have a chance. If you enter
community you will get let's say 5000 credits. So if you download or search
read something you have to pay credits to the servers. If you dont have any

Credits left you have to run a service like a file cache so you get the
credits from the users downloading from you.