OK you guys are fighting a lot may be you are right on some points or wrong
on another. First the tool we choose is just a matter of taste. True I like
VB for I have been using VB since its Version 3.0 back in 1994. I like it
for the rich possibilities it offers for User Interface building. True VB
lacks OO features but does have some. Ok. But I see things like if you are
a good cook, you can deal with it in any kitchen. I am more a Database Application
guy. I currently use VB 6.0. VB 6.0 power lies in its database independence.
If I had to change my back-end say go from SQL Server to Oracle, trust me
its easy like a child's game. I think that with Power Builder if you change
your Back-End, you'll have to recompile your EXE. Thats not the case with
VB if you've used a 2 tier or multi-tier model, changing back-end is no problem
(in normal cases)
I see Power Builder for Database Apps more like Ms Access, that is tied to
the Database. That's a limitation in Power Builder.
VB 5.0/6.0 enables you to create your own activeX control, create Web Apps,
communication apps like reading COM Ports, graphical image viewing apps,
multimedia apps. As for the Data Window of Power Builder, the same thing
exists in VB 6.0. From the Visual Data Tools, I can view, modify the design
of my database, create store procedures, create views, queries... Also in
VB you can create Email Apps.
VB has by far one of the best Debugger. Its easy to use, intuitive and the
code completion features is just nice. With VB you have the choice to create
a P-Code prog. or a native compiled exe. VB is a compiled language. Its debugging
is interactive and you can stop any where while debugging, modify you code,
reset a new execution point and continue.
I don't claim that VB is the best, but in my opinion is by far the development
tool and actually the most popular one may be.
If I had to choose between Power Builder and Ms Access for a quick database
app, I'd choose Ms Access. If I had to choose between Power Builder, VB 6.0
and Ms Access 2000 for a large client/server app, I'd choose VB. VB 7.0 will
be a fire cracker.
The implementation of COM+ and OOP feature from VC++ will make VB more powerful,
its something that has been lacking for a while. Also to end this I'd say
its like a religion, believe in what you are doing and what you are using,
else it won't work.

Jean-Yves <<Analyst programmer at GDI Informatique Ltd>>
email: jeanyves@our.st