DCOM components via the proxy/stub always marshall requests back and forth.
I would not create a component that is doing what you're doing. Better
to retreive the entire lot to the client then send it back to the server
via properties or a method. Your solution will not scale... Period.

"Oscar Pereira" <oscarpr@hotmail.com> wrote:
>When I'm running an activex.exe on a server machine and I have a subrutine
>fills up an array that will grow as big as the number of records returned

>sql select statement, I suppose the array will be redimensioned on the
>server machine
>and every time the client needs to get some data from the array dcom makes
>request to the server, is it the way it works?
>Another question is, when I fill a recordset in an activex and return it

>the client,
>is the client having only a reference to a recordset in the server machine,
>which will
>make update faster, or will the recordset be passed all through the network
>via DCom?