Dear colleague,

Could you help me with information, please?

What steps are necessary to use DirectDraw or Direct3D drawing objects
with a custom implementation of the rendering behavior for Internet
Explorer 5.5 or above? I.e. which are necessary terms for DirectX 8.1need
to be properly initialized in (VC++) code of custom rendering behavior component?

Thanks in advance,
Igor Kharin

P.S. THE PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED: I have the following problem when trying to
initialize rendering behavior to use DirectX. As it is recommended in MSDN,
in my binary behavior object I've provided MSHTML with information about
how to draw in IHTMLPainter::GetPainterInfo:
(1) by setting HTMLPAINTER_SURFACE flag for lFlags
(2) and by setting iidDrawObject to IID of DirectDraw.
I try many different combinations of flags and different versions of
IID. But this does not work. The same is for 3D. The common situation
for all cases of nonempty iidDrawObject is following. The system
calls GetPainterInfo(..) twice but newer call
IHTMLPainter:raw where MSHTML should return pointer to
the DirectDraw surface. Only if iidDrawObject in GetPainterInfo is emty,
then for any combination of flags IHTMLPainter:raw is called
(sure without DirectX, only standard slow GDI drawing available in this case).