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Thread: Re: Using VB forms in Outlook

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    Brian Weiss Guest

    Re: Using VB forms in Outlook

    If you don't want to use Outlook forms at all, you can use VBA in Outlook
    2000 which gives you VB-compatible forms. You can create a COM Add-In in
    Outlook 2000 which will basically run your entire VB application within Outlook.
    You can also call into VB created DLLs (which in turn can show forms) by
    packiging them as COM DLLs and referening them from Outlook. Finally (for
    my answers, there's probably other ways), you can have your VB application
    respong to Outlook events using the Outlook object model and have it pop-up
    its own forms in repsonse to Outlook events.


    "Andy Nield" <> wrote:
    >You can make the form into a usercontrol then add it to the toolbox in Form
    >design, and then use it like any other control on the Outlook forms.
    >Hope that helps
    >Andy Nield
    >Adarsh Gupta <> wrote in message
    >> Hi,
    >> I want to use a form created in VB in Outlook. I know it can be done but
    >> I do not know how exactly to proceed about it.
    >> Please help.
    >> Thanks,
    >> Adarsh


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    jaime espinosa Guest

    Re: Using VB forms in Outlook

    Guess the best way is to use the outlook forms editor to implement a "user
    layer" and do the hard work in visual basic. It means using activex Controls
    and dlls.

    Forms in Outlook (to 98) doesn´t support VBA. Only vbscript that is much
    more limited than VBA.

    So, use outlook to the look and use vb or vc to the work.

    Remember that forms are used in messages or at least over the network, so
    dont do them to heavy. Avoid use them as if they where a vb application.
    It will only give a BIG BIG BIG VERY VERY BIG TROUBLE.

    Hope it helps.


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