I'd like to programmatically manipulate Custom Views in Outlook. There's
no way to do this with Outlook object model.

Outlook views are stored as Hidden Messages in folders. I can use CDO to
get at them and I can create my own Hidden Messages that are relatively similar,
but I've had no luck hacking my own views this way. There are actually two
formats - the older "Exchange Client" format (which Outlook respects) and
the newer Outlook format. It's very tough to duplicate their custom MAPI
properties without documentation.

I can use the CDO CopyTo method to duplicate the Hidden Message into another
folder but only into its "regular" Messages collection, not the HiddenMessages
collection. Even if I could, I'm not sure that would be enough (though I
suspect it would be).

I realize there is probably no "official" way to do this. I could live with
a hack that is not necessarily going to be supported in future versions of
Outlook. What I can't live with is having to force the users of my Outlook
application to manually create views that expose my custom properties, etc.

Is there any way to distribute pre-made "views"?

Brian Weiss