I have a question regarding administering Public Folder. I created a new
Public Folder and in this case the Folder name called Support (I have set
the information store storage limit and issue warning (K) when it reaches
1MB . Subsequently I also created a sub-folder called Software under the
main folder Support. The problem lies here, someone posted a huge file (5MB)
in Software folder and it doesn't issue warning to the owners that Support
folder have exceeded 1MB. I thought Public folder design is that Top Level
folder controls all the sub-folders size.

In that case, if I have twenty over sub-folders under one main folder it
would be a tedious job for me to allocate all these sub-folders size and
design the folder. This is NOT consistent.

Could you tell me what can I do is to control the size from the top level
folder so that I do not have to calculate and allocate for each sub-folder

Thank you and regards.