I am evaluating Digital Dashboard and am trying to ensure that I can really
build and deploy DD via my Win NT 4.0 network to my WIN 95/NT clients.

Of the 2 deployment methods mentioned the HTTP seems easiest but I wanted
to confirm my understanding:

1. A single HTML or ASP file is generated by DD on the WIN 2000 Server off
of the corporate network.
2. I move this file to ANOTHER SERVER my corporate network.
3. Clients access this via the "OutLook Today" registry setting that has
been modified to point to the file on the corporate network.

Is this right? Also I believe that I need IIS 5.0 which only runs on Win
2000 server? So how can you deploy on a WIN
NT/Win 95 network? My Network Admin is emphatic that we can't put any Win
2000 servers on our network or it will cause problems with the NT 4.0 servers.

If anybody has any articles they can point me to, great. I've been searching
the internet for days, including the MS site, but to commit funds and time
to this enterprise project I want more assurance that I'm not steering my
client down the garden path.