Been trying to load exchange 5.5 onto my win2k server, this server is a 2nd
domain controller on existing domain.

Had to start Active Directory services before i could install exchange.

So my server is attached as 2nd, found some issue concering ports and how
2000 uses 389 and exchange server 5.5 uses it too.

1st question:

My error i get is when it is trying to update regestry after 100% installed.
Error message : LODCTR DSACTRS.INI Failed, returning an error code of <6>

Then i continue and i get multiple errors and setup closes.
Exchange admin does not work.
cant upgrade exchange cause service pack does not see installed version.

2nd question.

If this problem is related to the fact that my port 389 is already active
and listening on network and exchange needs to use it then how can i change
LDAP port assigned to EXCHANGE to one that is not conflicting without opening
EXCHANGE ADMIN (remember i cannot open exchange admin)

LOST (been on this for 10 days now) (Cant offored 350 Canadian for support
from MS and well i am tired of reloaded - tried an nt40 upgrade and that
didnt work cause bdc to 2nd domain controller on new domain loses privleges
annitally setup for exchange and i then get errors about not authorized to
upgrade ??)