I have a typical problem. Using ESM, I created a public folder under
Folders=>Public Folder. Everything is okay till I close the ESM window. When
I reopen ESM, none of the public folders are appearing under Folder=>Public
folder tree. Rather, the icons of the public folder is listed but the name
of the public folder is empty. Clicking on this folder pops with error
window "An unhandled exception has occured, ID no : c10306d3"

Trying to delete this folder says "The selected folder cannot be deleted
because there is another folder with the same name at this level. Please
rename the folder that you want to delete and try again. ID no : c1038b68"

Trying to rename this folder says "Invalid argument. Facility :Win32. ID no

Clicking properties bring properties window, in which name is blank. Trying
to give a name and applying brings error window "An unknow error has
occured. Id no :80040e8e"

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

J Justin