Our office is using Exchange 5.5 with KM (CA) and Outlook 2000/Windows 2000
at the moment. And this is working fine. Now we are prepering for migration
to Office XP and Outlook 2002. We done some test and we find out that one
thing is not working properly. Problem is with encrypting and siging messages.
Each time when we try to encrypt or sign the message Outlook hungs up and
is not responding for 10-30 min and after it it shows dialog box for enetring
password. The same happen if we are trying to open encrypted or signed message.
We discover that during this time computer on which is Outlook 2002 is sending
message to all the domain controlers "SAM LOGON request
from client" with emty field 'Unicode User Name' and servers respons to it
with message "SAM Response when user is unknown". And it is doing all until
it "unhungup". Simillar packet is sending Outlook 2000 but it sends just
once. Does somebody knows what to do with Outlook 2002 to solve this problem?
When we are tring send non encrypted message it works fine. We check this
on the different computers and this heppens on all of them.