I have found when looping through a pivot table items field it has a memory
of what is no longer in the data. How do I get rid of old items references?


I import external data into a pivot table, in VB I loop through the
Machine field to build arrays of common machine names. I have found machines
which are no longer in the database still appear in the list. (database is
a comma delimited text file)

for example machine name "FX1" should be named "FX01" I corrected the
name in the raw data file and refreshed the pivot table. The next time I
run the program both "FX1" and "FX01" appear in the list of machines. (only
within VB)
I'm positive FX1 does not appear in the raw data, I've expanded the pivot
table to show everything (selected all in every page field selection) a
search did not find any occurance of "FX1"

'excerpt of relevant code:

Public mypivot As PivotTable
Public myfield As PivotField
Public myitem As PivotItem
Public curmach As PivotItem
Public fxmachines(100)

Set mypivot = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("site_avail_pivot")
Set myfield = mypivot.PivotFields("MACHINE")

For Each curmach In myfield.PivotItems
If (curmach Like "FX*") Then
fxmachines(fxcntr) = curmach
fxcntr = fxcntr + 1
End If