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Thread: Implementing FTP through VB

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    Steve C Guest

    Implementing FTP through VB

    What is the best way to accomplish this? In searching the Microsoft Support
    Online, I didn't get much accomplished. Do you know where I can secure a
    good example of this?

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    rwallace Guest

    Re: Implementing FTP through VB

    Hi Steve,

    I remember coming across a code example that did this handily... if you send
    me an email requesting the info (to remind me), I can see if I can dig it
    up for you.


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    Tim Patrick Guest

    Re: Implementing FTP through VB

    Visual Basic comes with a control for doing just what you are looking for.
    It is called the "Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0" and it contains
    features for performing FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and Gopher data transfers. I just
    used it last week to do some automated HTML "screen scraping." It works
    great. You can select it from the Project / Components menu command.

    Tim Patrick

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