I have a similar project. I would like display the text of a weekly email
newsletter in an intranet page. I created the intranet page to include a
text file. Now I need a rule or script in Exchange 5.5 to create the text
file when the email arrives.

Did you ever find a solution?

Rich Chlebek

"R.Perkins" <> wrote:
>Dear Experts,
>I guess the question just about says it all. First and foremost, I am an
>absolute beginner to exchange server, so you'll have to treat me with "kid
>My boss wants me to retrieve schedule info from the exchange server and

>it on the company's local intranet. Now, I already know the Visual Basic,
>Scripting, ASP and HTML half of this concept; however, I don't know Outlook/Exchange
>half. Furthermore, I need to establish some kind of connection with the

>server and pull the information into a recordset for manipulation, and ultimately
>to display the info on our Intranet.
>Thank you,
>Robby P.