I have been struggling with an issue now for several weeks. I have searched
numerous forums, books, and websites, all to no avail. I want to make the
exchange server send all emails, regardless of whether the recipient has
a mailbox on the exchange server or not to a different smtp server.

Our users have an email address on the exchange server that is different
from their corporate account. Their address is exchange.domain.com, while
the corporate email is domain.com. This is fine for when they send emails
within the site, but when they send emails out and someone tries to reply
to exchange.domain.com, they get an error. In order to correct this problem
we set up all users with a reply to address of domain.com. This works great
because the users can send email out to whoever they want from the exchange
server and it will get back to them. Here is our little problem. When one
exchange user sends an email to another exchange user, even if it is addressed
as domain.com and not exchange.domain.com, the email only goes to the exchange
server inbox. The email does not go out to the corporate mail
server. Is there a way to force all emails that are sent through the exchange
server to a different smtp server?

I have had some success by using the routing options under the internet mail
service properties. I have set it so that anything addressed to exchange.domain.com
will be routed to inbound, and anything addressed to domain.com will be relayed.
This works when you use outlook express and connect to the server through
IMAP. Under Outlook, this does not work at all. If anyone has any bit of
advice, it would be of great help. If this is not possible under 5.5, is
there a version of exchange where it is possible? Thank you in advance.


PS - I have checked to have all email forward to our SMTP server, but that
isn't working either. I also can't use custom recipients because the address
I would use is being used for the reply-to address.