I am currently working on a project that I have written a thick client for
(VB6). We are about to introduce a new feature which we will develop for
the thick client, but also for the intranet.
The screen will be similar to Windows Explorer, in that it will have a left
and a right treeview. The user will select items from the right to drag
and drop onto the left. The data for the treeviews will be large (10,000+
items),we will be paging about 1000 items in each treeview in unbound mode.
I know we can simulate(through code) a treeview control with the MSFlexgrid

Here are my questions:
Which control (treeview, flexgrid or other) would be the easiest to use for
BOTH the thick, and thin clients? Would using the treeview or grid for the
thin client cause complications?

Which would be the fastest control? Any suggestions for improving data loading

Thanks a million,