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Thread: Exchange 2000 events

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    Rick Ireland Guest

    Exchange 2000 events

    I want to write an application that will be able to filter all e-mail
    that passes though our Exchange 2000 servers, MAPI and SMTP. I want to be
    able to filter inbound mail before it is posted to the user's mailbox, and
    outbound mail before it actually is sent from the server.
    There are numerous facilities for developers bundled inside Exchange 2000,
    and I assume that one of them would suit my needs perfectly. However, I
    cannot quite get my brain around which facility that might be.
    My question then is what, in general terms, would be required to build
    a program or DLL, preferably in VB, that could be placed in a position on
    the server alongside Microsoft Exchange that would provide the minimal service
    of reading the subject of each in-bound and out-bound e-mail?
    My thanks in advance to any direction.

    Rick Ireland

    P.S. And, yes, I would be interested in subcontracting this initial process
    out... :-)

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    mark Guest

    Re: Exchange 2000 events

    To provide the minimal service, you would need VB (or any other development
    tool that allows you to create COM objects), the Exchange SDK (free from
    MS), Exchange 2K and the know-how. I'm currently doing this sort of thing.


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