Thanks Rachel,

We're ready and willing to have a go at your questions.
We can't promise to answer them all, but we will try.

Beginning Linux Programming covers a wide range of topics.
Our favourite subjects are probably shell programming, development
tools, processes, signal, sockets, databases, application

We hope to help out with anyone starting out with programming
for Linux or who are ready to move on past the basics.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Neil and Rick

Rachel Palmer <> wrote in message
> Welcome to the DevX online discussion, featuring Neil Matthew and Richard
> Stones.
> Starting Tuesday June 27th through Friday June 30th, Neil and Richard,
> authors of Beginning Linux Programming, 2nd Ed
>, from Wrox Press,

> be online to discuss the latest edition of their best-selling book and
> answer your toughest questions on Linux including subjects such as: GNOME
> desktop, device drivers, and the latest Linux Kernel features. Feel free

> jump in and ask away!
> --Rachel Palmer
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