Hey All,

I think there is some mistake. All of the posts to this point have discussed
how to get a recordset from a SQL Server DB on the web server. I don't think
that was the intent of the topic. We are supposed to be talking about UPLOADING
DBs to the web server.

I have some experience uploading. It is a royal pain in the ***. (Using
SQL 7.0)
You have to back up your database to a .dat file. Then, you have to upload
your .dat file to the web site server.
Next, you have to write a create a text batch file as follows:

1. Open Notepad (or another text editor).
2. Type the following (you will have to customize for your situation):

Restore Database nwind_test
From Disk='c:\windows\desktop\northwindcs1.dat'
With Move 'northwindcs' To 'c:\windows\desktop\nwind_test.mdf',
Move 'northwindcs_log' To 'c:\windows\desktop\nwind_test.ldf'

Where the syntax of the statement above is

Restore Database <name of the original database on MSDE>
From Disk=<path to the .dat file created when you created the backup of your
.adp file> With Move <name of the original database> To <path of your choice,
new location for the .mdf file>, Move <name of the log file for the original
database, probably DatabaseName_log>

3. Save the file as restore.txt, then upload it to your IHP
4. Open a DOS prompt.(at your IHP's server). This is where you need assistance
from somebody at your IHP. Somebody on the IHP end has to do the following
5. Type the following at the C prompt

osql -S (local) -U SA -P

*****It is case sensitive.

6. Type the following at the prompt 1>

:r c:\scratch\restore.txt
(location of restore.txt file)

7. Type the following at the prompt 2>


8. You should get something similar to the following:

Processed 104 pages for database 'testsql', file 'TestSQL_dat' on file 1.
Processed 1 pages for database 'testsql', file 'TestSQL_log' on file 1.
Backup or restore operation successfully processed 105 pages in 0.133 seconds
(6.413 MB/sec).