Is it possible to pass a parameter to a stored procedure containing a text
string that you can use as a where clause in the stored procedure? I know
you can pass individual parameters for the where clause but the number of
items in my where clause will be variable so I would like to put them all
in a single variable.

For example, in the stored procedure the variable '@skillstr' would contain
the where clause:

Alter Procedure Skills @empid INT, @skillstr CHAR(100)
SELECT skill_id, skill_name FROM skills WHERE @skillstr ORDER BY

When calling the stored procedure you would pass the where clause as a text
string which would have a different number of items each time:

EXEC BuildExp @empid=1, @skillstr="skill_id=27 OR skill_id=28"


EXEC BuildExp @empid=1, @skillstr="skill_id=27 OR skill_id=28 OR skill_id=30"

The syntax on this is not correct but is this possible written another way?
Any help would be appreciated.