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Thread: constraint question

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    Jesse Guest

    constraint question

    I am new to the SQL server world. Hope someone will kindly give me answer
    to the following situation. Thanks in advance.

    Among many there are 3 columns in a table:
    ExemptEmployee (bit, Not Null)
    AnnualSalary (Money, Null)
    HourlyWage (Money, Null)

    If ExemptEmployee is True, then AnnualSalary field must have a value and
    HourlyWage field must be Null. If ExemptEmployee is False, then AnnualSalary
    field must be Null and HourlyWage field must have a value.

    Is there any easy way of enforcing the logic using constraint? If so, how
    would write the constraint?


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    Michael Levy Guest

    Re: constraint question

    I used this:

    create table t (
    ExemptEmployee bit Not Null,
    AnnualSalary Money Null,
    HourlyWage Money Null,

    constraint validate
    check ((ExemptEmployee = 1 and AnnualSalary is not null and HourlyWage is
    null) or
    (ExemptEmployee = 0 and AnnualSalary is null and HourlyWage is not null))

    Michael Levy MCDBA, MCSD, MCT

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