Hi Deborah..
I have a question, wonder if you may have the answer to this. I have tried
using the visual Studio Installer, v.1.0, which is available from the Microsoft
site. I created a very simple test program, that all it does is just open
a Table on a single form using ado. I used the installer program which generated
a cab file for me, when installing on a client machine i get the error message

is not a valid Win32 application". Upon this, i checked the cab file and
noticed that instead of putting in that cab file the dll's, and ocx controls
that the application uses, in addition to the Vb6 runtime dll, as i would
have expected to find, i get a whole series of numbers that look like the
numbers generated in registering a component in the windows registry. Any
idea what is the problem.. And what does that error message mean?
Is this related to some bug in that installer program...?