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Thread: Adding Primary Keys & Losing Triggers??

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    Beginner-Brad Guest

    Adding Primary Keys & Losing Triggers??

    Dear Friends,

    >When you alter your table structure by adding/removing columns, >the table
    >is actually re-created and the new id is mapped for >all the dependencies.

    The problem I am having is when I add an additional Primary Key to an existing
    column name..NOT a new column,,,I am not changing the structure of my table
    ,,rather I am just adding a Primary Key(an additional Primary Key)..when
    I do this ...then I try to exit by saving this new information, I receive
    a Save Attention message telling me that "The following tables will be saved
    to your database,,do you wish to continue?" If I choose YES ,,then it saves
    the Table with the newly added Primary Key and consequently wipes/deletes
    my Triggers,,HOWEVER , if I choose to not save, it just keeps the Table as
    is and does not add the new PK's to the table.

    I tried what someone had mentioned by getting out of EM then returning although
    I think that we are NOT talking about the same problem,,,I am changing the
    structure of the Primary keys in my table and by doing so, I am subsequently
    wiping/deleting the triggers that I have wriiten of rthat Table..

    Any ideas ...please help me ...more detail?

    Thanks in advance,
    Brad Isaacs
    Junior VB Developer / SQL Server 7.0 databases

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    Neil Pike Guest

    Re: Adding Primary Keys & Losing Triggers??

    Brad - try using the ALTER TABLE/ALTER COLUMN/CREATE PRIMARY KEY type commands
    - I don't use SQL EM much so what it's trying to do under the covers I don't

    Neil Pike MVP/MCSE. Protech Computing Ltd
    Reply here - no email
    SQL FAQ (484 entries) see
    ( in lib 7)

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