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Thread: Re:Datagrid validation Please help !!!

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    Raghavendra C.K. Guest

    Re:Datagrid validation Please help !!!

    Dear Dan,
    I am a VB6.0 programmer, i am using Datagrid control(ole-Db) in one of my
    forms for data entry, one of the field requires that user cannot enter more
    than 50 chars in the cell.
    How do i restrict the user to enter not more than 50 chars??
    Is there any property (like maxchar property of textbox) which can achieve

    Thank You,
    Raghavendra C.K.

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: Datagrid validation Please help !!!

    Raghavendra: This question would seem to be outside Dan's area of expertise.
    If he's not able to answer it, you might try reposting to the vb.general
    newsgroup. Thanks!
    Phil Weber
    DevX Newsgroup Admin

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