Hi Dan, how's it going? =)

I'm working on a project which needs to use Collaboration Data Objects from
an ASP program. Here is the troublesome code...

Set ExchangeSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
ExchangeSession.LogOn "", , , , , , "servername" & Chr(10) & "accountname"
Set TgtCalendar =

I get a permissions error. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "This is not my
area of expertise", but give me a tick. The above code works when I run it
on the server machine -- either as a VB program or as a VBS file. It only
fails when I try to run it from a client machine as an ASP page.

ASP code runs on the server, right? So my question is, what are the NT
security differences between an ASP program running on the server and an
"ordinary" program running on the server? If I put this code in an ActiveX
component, and use this component from my ASP program, will I get the
desired results? Maybe it needs to run out-of-process to get full

Thanks for taking the time to answer our various questions. And please say
hi to the Desaware staff for me =)

-- Matthew Solnit

P.S. Without knowing what it does, I also tried Server.CreateObject() to
get my session object. Not only did this fail, it messed up the entire web
server and we had to reboot it!!

P.P.S. Hope you're enjoying the weather in Campbell. We just had 40 cm of
snow here in Montreal.