I bought a book to learn AQL, and following the instructions in the book I
need to connect with OCDB to learn it. But with his insturctions in the
book and follow up emails I still can't connect. I fell it is important to
pint out that I am working with a dial up internet connection, but other
than that I am not part of a WAN or LAN. I did however download MSDE.
given this much and assuming I know nothing else, what do I need to learn
SQL and creat dataBases with it?

I realize this is a very "low" question, but if you can walk me through what
he couldn't then in the future I may spend a lot of time here answering other's
questions.(when I become qualified)

I think databasing is going to be a workhorse in my programing experiences,
so I really want to learn.

Please help,

Ashley Johnston.