Dear People,
I have a situation where the data from one table a database has to be transferred
to another table of another table on insertion of records. The data can be
inserted after a decryption algorithm. The decryption is done by a COM component.
Now it is possible to call COM components by using the following system stored
1. Call sp_OACreate to create an instance of component
2. Call sp_OAMethod to call the required method in the component
3. Call sp_OADestroy to destroy the component

This trigger with the component is working fine in SQL Server 2000 on Windows
2000. The problem is that it is notworking in SQL Server 7.0 on Windows 2000.
The component is getting created, the problem is in passing parameters to
the component. Can anyone help me with a solution. I feel it is because of
compatibility issues, so if someone could come up with what is causing the
problem, i would like to hear from you.

Bye and thanks,