I have a site which was created with MS Frontpage 2000. In this site there
are forms to be filled out by users, with a "Send" button which triggers
an e-mail to me, containing the field names and data (in the usual manner
: FieldName=data&).

When I get the e-mails I want to store them in a temporary folder, for later
treatment by a set of local VB programs on my own computer. But the problem
is that if I say "store in file" rather than "read it now", Microsoft Outlook
automatically gives the name "PostData.att" to the file, so I can't store
more than one e-mail at a time (otherwise the next one will obviously take
the place of the previous one).

This seems to happen only with e-mail coming from a "Send" from my Frontpage

Is there any way I can either automatically or manually have the file name
where I store an incoming e-mail be, for instance, the first part of the
sender's e-mail address (before the @); or his name, which is a field in
the form he fills out ? Is that a Frontpage problem or a MS Outlook problem

Thanks for your help.