We are using MTS with Oracle 7 on NT and remote databases (implemented vis
database links).

MTS DTC doesn't like remote databases returningan error.

Below is an article from MSDN recommending to Oracle "Multi-Threaded Server"
feature in this case. Oracle support toldd us that this feature is not available
for Oracle7 on NT.

Did anybody deal with this issue? Your help will be appreciated.

1. MSDN Q193893 Using Oracle Databases with Microsoft Transaction Server

Configure Oracle "Multi-Threaded Server" Support

You must configure the Oracle "Multi-Threaded Server" feature if you want
to open a database link to a remote Oracle database. This is essential because
Oracle Database uses XA transaction support, the Oracle database must be
able to move the XA transaction between processes (in the general case),
so it cannot have any operating system file descriptors open but rather it
must use a virtual circuit to connect to the remote database. Virtual circuits
are only supported with Oracle Multi-Threaded Server.

If the Oracle Multi-Threaded Server feature is not configured properly, Oracle
will report the error message:
ORA-24777: Cannot create migratable transaction
NOTE: Oracle refers to the Multi-Threaded Server feature with the acronym
"MTS." Microsoft documentation sometimes refers to "Microsoft Transaction
Server" with the acronym "MTS." The only relationship between these two terms
is the one described above.

2. message form Oracle support:

Multi-Threaded Server (MTS) is not implemented on Oracle7 on Windows NT.
The Oracle7 Server on Windows NT is already implemented as threads, thereby
gaining some of the performance advantage of MTS.Please ignore any generic
documentation referring to MTS for Oracle7.