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Thread: problem in mts.

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    Balaji Guest

    problem in mts.

    Question is:
    I'm developing a component for mts, that to work with both c++&vb client.
    Can i use my own data types(c++ struct)
    as a parameter type to exchage information.... instead of having tomany
    parameters for 1 funtion.
    GetEmpDetails([in]int id,[out]BSTR* empName,[out]int* empAge,[out]BSTR*
    empDept); // normal notation.
    But i want to write a funtion like this:
    typedef Struct public Employee
    BSTR* name;
    int age;
    BSTR* empDept;
    } myEmployee;
    GetEmpDetails([in] int id, [out]Employee* emp);
    Will this funtion work correctly if i deploy under MTS package? THAT'S MY
    Thanks in Adv

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    Anthony Jones Guest

    Re: problem in mts.

    As long as the structure is public exposed in the component's typelib then
    yes it will work.

    Anthony Jones
    Nuesoft Ltd

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    Balaji Guest

    Re: problem in mts.

    Thanks a lot Jones, after so many postings i got the answer.

    I have one more issue related to my question:
    What kind of marsaler i have to use when i have my own public
    struct. Whether i can continue to use with Automation marshaler,
    or to generate standared marsaler from MIDL proxy/stub files.
    Which marshaler i have to use in what scenorio.

    Thanks& Regards,

    "Anthony Jones" <> wrote:
    >As long as the structure is public exposed in the component's typelib then
    >yes it will work.
    >Anthony Jones
    >Nuesoft Ltd

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    Anthony Jones Guest

    Re: problem in mts.

    The univeral marshaler will handle the marshalling of structures. That's
    why a type lib definition is needed.

    Anthony Jones
    Nuesoft Ltd

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