Try upping the Transaction Timeout.

I also received this error in the following scenario, it might help you.
I had an ASP page calling a method on a root MTS object that returned a recordset.
In turn, the root object instantiated a child object to perform the fetch.
The resulting recordset was returned to an ASP page.

The problem lies in the fact that both objects were transactional. The root
object was set to Requires Transaction while the child was set to Uses Transaction.
Once SetComplete was called in the Root object, MTS cleaned up all resources,
including the server side cursors. So when I tried to use the recordset in
the ASP page I received the error informing me that the transaction completed.

I hope this helps. Please email me additional information if it doesn't help

Slavo Kepic

"John Garcia" <> wrote:
>I am getting the following error message:
>Error -2147217900
>Distributed transaction completed. Either enlist this session in a new transaction
>or the Null Transaction.
>I am getting this when I try to get a disconnected recordset using a component
>that uses transactions. One of the recommendations that I found on the microsoft
>website, was to not make the call of the method under a context of a transaction,
>but I am still getting this error. I have several objects where I get a

>recordsets, but I am not getting this error, this is only happening with
>one specific object. One thing that happens is that my method works fine
>the first 4 times, after the time I get the error, either when I am triying
>to get one record from the table or a complete list (about 6000 records)
>What could it be?