How are you creating your window.
I did a createwindow as follows
"AppBarClass", "AppBar",
0, 0, 200, 40,
NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL);
but it returns me an error saying Cannot find window class
is AppBarClass not a preregistered windows class.

"Suresh MC" <> wrote:
>i am trying to create two AppBars to simulate the look and feel of a custom
>desktop. An AppBar is a toolbar that can dock to a specific edge of the

>This is similar to the Microsoft Office toolbar that you get when you run
>msoffice. When there are AppBars, the windows shell automatically resizes
>the desktop to occupy the client area such that they do not overlapp the
>Whenever I dock one of the AppBars to the Left edge, the applications do
>not occupy the full client area, but if i move / resize the screen manually
>and then minimise/maximise then they do. This is not happening if i dock
>it to any other edge of the screen.
>Any thoughts on this?