I am running into an issue with using the GetFreeBusy method for CDO 1.2.1.
I am in the Mountain Time Zone (specified in my Session Options). The Exchange
server that I am working with is in the Central Time Zone. When I do a GetFreeBusy
for my information, I get back the wrong information. For example, if I
have a meeting scheduled from 8:00 am to 9:00 am (MST - Mountain Standard
Time) as BUSY, and I do a GetFreeBusy for that time, it comes back and says
that I am FREE during that time. However, if I do a GetFreeBusy for 9:00
am to 10:00 am, then it comes back and tells me I'm busy. So, it looks like
it is NOT offsetting my time properly. Shouldn't it? Is there something
I am missing? Thanks for any help.