Hi All ,

I am new EJB , and trying to run converter example (J2EE E:\j2sdkee1.2\doc\guides\ejb\examples\converter)
(from SUN). I download latest version of the J2EE. I can run compileEJB.bat
(on Window NT 4.0) and its compiling the program. But when I am trying to
start the J2EE server , it not running , I am getting this error : ________________________________________________________________

E:\>j2ee -verbose Usage: java [-options] class [args...] (to execute a class)
or java -jar [-options] jarfile [args...] (to execute a jar file) ..

The name specified is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. ________________________________________________________________

I was debugging j2ee.bat file , sound like it problem at these lines

%JAVACMD% %SECPOLICY% -classpath "%CPATH%" com.sun.enterprise.server.J2EEServer
%1 %2 _________________________________________________________________

Please help, how to start the J2EE server? . And What else setting I have
to do.