We are looking for a Java Web Application Developer who has a solid background
in the programming of complex, documented database-backed web sites and has
the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively with clients, users,
and peers.

Job Responsibilities

Design, development, deployment, and maintenence of web applications. Authoring
clear and concise documentation of all of the above. Providing assistance
in the development of proposals, work requests, estimates, and in the consultation
process with clients. Contribution to the building of a toolkit of reusable
software modules that deliver services to all of Montclare’s clients. Qualifications

Proven ability to conceptualize, architect, code, and document complex web
applications. Extensive experience in Java Web application development, or
extensive experience in one or more web application development environments
(PHP, Apache/mod_perl, Microsoft/ASP, etc.) Application development experience
in an object-oriented language, and a burning desire to translate those experiences
into the Java realm. Excellent data modeling skills. Proficiency with both
Unix and NT. Oracle experience would be warmly welcomed.

Montclare Technologies, Inc. 1000 Broadway, Suite 440 Oakland, CA 94607 www.montclare.com