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Thread: Java Server

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    Joanne Guest

    Java Server

    I need help in calling the Java Chat Server out. I already created a java
    based chat room, a very simple chat room. However, it works well in the local
    area network where let say my computer will act as the server, where I will
    use the function in jdk to run the server file. However, how I'm going to
    run the server if I wish to put the chat room in internet? I can't online
    all the day, right? I really need help in doing that for my project. Hope
    anyone who knows can help me!
    Thanks anyway!

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    nimish Guest

    Re: Java Server

    Hi ,
    U havent specified what exacly u have used to make the chat server. I
    assume that u must have used the sockets to make the chat server . On a lan
    u make one computer as a server , but in Internet the things r a bit different
    . There r servers , such as JAVAWEB server which run continuoulsy .. then
    u use Perl or Servlet techology to make ur application . So u have to learn
    all that . For knowing servlet technolgy u can refer to Jason hunters book
    ie by Oreilly publications . I wont b able to to explain in details regarding
    that , but as for now u cannot run ur application on internet .U can mail
    me for any more info ..

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