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Thread: Changing Owner of DTS Package

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    Kevin Downs Guest

    Changing Owner of DTS Package

    Do you know any way to change the owner of a DTS Package?


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    Rob Vieira Guest

    Re: Changing Owner of DTS Package

    This is a tough one. I'll give you the safe way, and a little information
    (which will make you quite dangerous - proceed at your own risk).

    The safe way appears to only work under 7.0. This is to open the package in
    the designer while logged in as the new user, and then perform a "Save As".
    Unfortunately, there was a bug in this (it would get changed in the SID, but
    not elsewhere - you would have problems because of this) until Service Pack
    2 - at which time it was fixed.

    So why do I say it only works under 7.0? Well, because the fix appears to
    have not been propogated to SQL Server 2000 as of the RTM. I had not
    previously been aware of this being a problem under 2000, but I will report
    it to MS.

    So, now the dangerous information. I can't warn you enough about the dangers
    of playing around with system tables, but, it is one possible option for
    you - proceed at your own risk (you have been warned).

    The owner information exists in the sysdtspackages table in the msdb
    database (assuming you are storing it locally). You would be interested in
    two columns - the owner and the owner_sid. The the owner name you will
    likely know by memory, the owner_sid is a bit more tricky - you need to pick
    that up from the sysxlogins table in the master database.

    Again, direct updating of system tables is not something to trifle with.
    It's something that can down your entire server (just ask me - I managed to
    trash a server doing it about 4 or 5 year ago). If it's that important to
    you, then proceed at your own risk, but my personal advice would be to
    rebuild the package from scratch if you are running under SQL Server 2000.

    Rob Vieira MCSD, MCT, MCDBA

    "Kevin Downs" <> wrote in message
    > Do you know any way to change the owner of a DTS Package?
    > --
    > Regards,
    > Kevin

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